Advanced Competency in OASIS-E

Advanced Competency in OASIS-E Certificate

OASIS-E, Value Based Purchasing, PDGM and STAR metrics have all contributed to the remarkable transformation of the Home Health Care industry.  The time for OASIS precision has never been more critical. Effective Home Health Care Agencies must integrate a multidisciplinary approach aimed at achieving measurable, meaningful characteristics and abilities useful to the patient-all within an efficient and effective delivery system. Understanding and applying the data provided by a comprehensive and accurate OASIS assessment can be your agency’s key to success in achieving this objective.

The Academy’s OASIS-E competency series is designed to be the Physical Therapist’s roadmap- not only in navigating the updates to the OASIS-E assessment, but illuminating the need for a thoughtful analysis of OASIS data applicability.  The tools to achieve OASIS accuracy and the optimal patient experience will be provided. Case study scenarios will challenge the participant to synthesize multiple clinical factors in making best practice decisions. Upon successful completion of the OASIS-E competency series, the participant with have a greater understanding of, and proficiency in, achieving comprehensive OASIS-E accuracy.  Come and explore what the experts of the industry have to say regrading OASIS-E, the role of Physical Therapy as OASIS data collectors and the integral role you play.

This bundle includes the FIVE (5) online course modules (12.0 hours total) and the exam required for the certificate. The course modules include the following:

  • Module One - OASIS-E Bridge Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (3 Hours)
  • Module Two - OASIS-E 101 Pt. 1. and Pt. 2 (3 Hours)
  • Module Three - OASIS-E and VBP (2 Hours)
  • Module Four - OASIS-E and PDGM (2 Hours)
  • Module Five - OASIS-E and STAR (2 Hours)

Certification Exam:Upon successful completion of the 100 question post series exam, the Physical Therapist will be granted the Home Health Academy’s Advanced Competency Certification in OASIS-E. You will have 2 attempts to achieve a passing score of 70% on the exam.

Bundle Fees:

  • APTA Home Health Member - $470.00
  • Non-Member - $705.00

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Course Details

Module One: OASIS-E Bridge03:00:00
OASIS-E Bridge Pt. 1 01:30:00
OASIS-E Bridge Pt. 2 01:30:00
Module Two: OASIS-E 10103:00:00
OASIS-E 101 Pt. 1 01:30:00
OASIS-E 101 Pt. 2 01:30:00
Module Three: OASIS-E and VBP02:00:00
OASIS-E and VBP 02:00:00
Module Four: OASIS-E and PDGM02:00:00
OASIS-E and PDGM 02:00:00
Module Five: OASIS-E and STAR02:00:00
OASIS-E and STAR 02:00:00
Final Exam
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